Fort Mcmurray Fire

Article: The Fort Mcmurray Fire:

Globe and Mail, June 10, 2016

Issue Overview: 

The Fort Mcmurray fire, that started out as a small fire and has now turned into one of the worst forest fires in Canada, started on May 1, 2016. This giant fire burned down 2,400 structures and forced more then 80,000 residents to flee. The fire spanned more than 500,000 acres and even crossed the border into Saskatchewan. Many people and families lost their homes, schools etc. The fire is thought to be caused by humans, but is not known for sure yet.

Key Stakeholders:

The first key stakeholder is the people that lived in Fort Mcmurray and have now lost their homes to this fire. One the fire is completely over, they will have nothing to go back to because most of their homes were burnt to the ground. Another key stakeholder is the government because the government will have to provide the funds to rebuild the city and give those people who lost their homes, places to live. It will be very costly for the government.

Contributing Factors:

If it’s true that the fire was caused by humans, then one social factor is possibly the need to be “cool”. It is very possible that the fire was started by o rebellious teen who wanted to be cool and strat a fire wihtout realizin gthe extent it would go too. One enviromental factor that caused the issue was the lack of rain in Alberta recently. Some sources said that there was a ban on any outdoor fires because the possibility of a forest fire was so high.


One economic impact is the fact that the government will have to pay a costly amount to fix the damage the fire has done. Also, the fire hit the oil sands sites, causing oil companies to lose a lot of profit. Also, many jobs were lost due to the fire hitting the oil sands. An environmental impact is that many trees and forestry was burnt down because of this fire.


The bias in this article is that it is written to show the severity of this fire. It focusses on what the impact has been of this fire as well as what the country and outer countries have done to help.



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