The Issue of Global Warming and Climate Change

Article: Global Issues: Climate Change: 

Issue Overview:

Global warming is one of the biggest issues we face, yet no one really talks about it.Many turn a blind eye to this issue because they don’t want to face the truth, that it is us humans who are killing our own planet. In most peoples everyday lives they contribute to global warming without even thinking twice about it. It has become such a big issue and has caused many deaths and tragedies from heat waves and other natural disasters which are caused by global warming. This issue goes against many of the sustainable development goals, for example, goal number 13 that says it will take climate action to combat climate change, yet as we get further into the 21 centruy, more things are being produced that will increase global warming. Also goals 14 and 15 that protect life below and water and life on land are also extremely effected by climate change.

Key Stakeholders:

One key stakeholder is the human race because it’s affecting the world we live in immensely. There are more heat waves, hurricanes as well as ice caps melting which is leading to further issues of animal extinction. Wildlife is another key stakeholders because their habitats are very much affected by climate change and could lead to possible extinction of certain species. Another key stakeholder is business’s because global warming requires them to put more environmental controls on what they do, which costs them more money. It also creates new business’s through global warming.

Contributing Factors:

One social factor that contributes to global warming is that it is the societal norm to own things like a car, electronics etc. The pressure to fit into the societal norm leads to more people owning a car and owning more then 1 car which leads to further pollution. Another social factor is the pressure for couples to have kids. The more people that are on this planet, the more people there are creating pollution and waste and attributing to climate change. One economic factor that contributes to global warming  is companies need to mak money through the use of factories. Factories pump toxins into the atmosphere which have a major impact on global warming. For companies to be more environmentally friendly it would cost them more money that they are not willing to spend.


One environmental impact of this issue is that we will be faced with more and more natural disasters, which outs our lives at risk. As well as the impact it will have on animal species and our environment in general. One economic impact this issue will have is the government will have to spend money on things caused by global warming. For example, the government will be spending money on things such as health care for the people affected by climate change.


The main bias in this article is that the article is written by a member of the UN.  The UN is who created the sustainable development goals therefore they are doing a lot to try and help the issue of global warming. This article discusses many of the tragedies that have happened and are happening due to global warming as well as the future outcomes of global warming.


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