Gun Violence in The US

Article: Gun Violence is America’s own State Sanctioned Terrorism:

10 News, Dick Meyers, June 13,2016 12:01pm

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Issue Overview:

The issue of gun violence has taken over a lot of america and is a hot topic in political parties. This is because of all the tragedies related to guns, for example the very recent Orlando mass shooting or the multiple school shootings that happen far too often. Gun violence relates to US citizens and affects the US more than any other country in the world. There are few other countries that even come close to gun violence being an issue like it is in the US.This relates to immigration to the US which we talked about in class. How this relates is many refugees want to immigrate to the US but with the issues of gun violence it is harder and scarier for them. Refugees can sometimes have trouble being accepted by many Americans and for people that hate immigrants and believe they are parasites to the US, the refugees may still live in fear of hate crimes.


Key Stakeholders:

There are many key stake holders in gun violence in america. Some stakeholders are the government along with the National Rifle Association because both have the final say in gun laws and have a major impact on gun laws and violence. Another stakeholder is doctors. Gun violence has become a public health issue and has an impact on doctors. More stakeholders are the victims of gun violence and the families of victims. Losing a loved on to gun violence has a huge impact on a person and usually those families become pro-gun control. Some more stakeholders are groups that are against gun control, as well as the ones that are for gun control. Both these groups have very strong oppinions on gun violence and when incidents happen it has an effect on both groups.

Contributing factors:

One social issue is that social media and all types of media have taught american culture that there is a correlation between guns and power. In movies and shows people always fear the guy with the gun and he/she is often in control and powerful. Another social issue is that seeing guns throughout society has made it a societal norm. In Canada when you see a women you would never assume that she probably has a gun in her purse, where as in the US it isn’t uncommon or taboo. A cultural factor fuelling this issue is the fear of terrorism. The more terrorist attacks the more likely it is that people are going to want rto have a gun close by to be “safe”. A political factor fuelling this issue is the NRA. The NRA is for the most part preventing any gun control laws to pass, therefore worsening gun violence.


A social impact that this has had on society is that people now often associate black people with guns and violence. In media and in real life black men are most involved in shootings and gun violence so people correlate gun violence with a black person. This also has to with the fact that gun sellers aren’t required to do a background check on the person they are selling a gun to, therefore people with criminal history have easy access to guns. A cultural impact on this issue is that because of the mass shootings that people believe are linked to terrorism, there has become a prejudice  towards Muslim people and many american people either fear them or hate them. Another cultural impact has to do with the skinheads. Since their is very little gun control in the US it is easier for the skin heads to go through with their acts of discrimination.


The bias in this article is that the author is very obviously pro-gun control. This affects the way the information is presented because it is a very one-sided argument.The author has shown his fear as to where america is headed with gun violence and the negative impact it will have on american society.




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